Wedding Guest Tracker

Wedding Guest Tracker

Using A Wedding Guest Tracker Before The Wedding

The big day is almost here and you have plenty to do before you say “I do”. Planning a wedding can be most of the most stressful times of someone’s life if they aren’t properly prepared for it. Luckily, Microsoft has created dozens of templates specifically designed to help with the special day. The wedding guest tracker template can be used to keep track of whom you have invited to your wedding and received responses from. This can help you in planning your seating arrangements as well as the cost for the catering and entertaining at your wedding.

Using A Wedding Guest Tracker After The Wedding

If you want to keep track of who bought you what gifts, use the tracker to put the gift next to the person that purchased it. This will make it easier for you to send thank you notes to guests. Remove some of the stress associated with your big day with the wedding guest tracker template from Microsoft. Download and print the template for free courtesy of right here today!

Download: Wedding Guest Tracker

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