The Ultimate Free Blank Time Sheet Form

Blank Time Sheet Form

Stress at the office is seemingly unavoidable. Whether it’s due to long hours, tight deadlines or conflicts with hours worked or payments rendered, stress just comes with the territory. A printable blank time sheet form can be the ultimate stress reliever for employees, managers and payroll chiefs alike.

These sheets will track an employee’s work day and week from beginning to end, leaving no open-ended questions and room for debate. These forms are instantly downloadable, 100% complimentary there are no restrictions on how many can be printed off.

Using the Blank Time Sheet Form

The basic time sheet forms featured on this site are incredibly simple to use. The top of the time sheet is reserved for the employee’s pertinent information, including:Blank Time Sheet Form

  • Employee Name
  • Employee’s Title
  • Employee Number
  • Employee Status
  • Employee Department
  • Employee’s Supervisor


These sections can either be filled in by the manager, person in charge of the payroll department or the employees themselves. Below the aforementioned information is the actual time card. The time card includes the following categories.

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Total Hours
  • Weekly Totals


There are enough slots to cover all seven days in a week should an employee work that many. The designated weekly totals category is reserved for totaling all the regular hours, overtime hours and total hours worked.

Beneath the time card is an area dedicated for the signatures of the employee and the supervisor. The area will be signed and dated by both parties. Signing and dating the time card will ensure that there will be no discrepancies with hours worked or payments received. Both parties are encouraged to carefully review all of the information before signing and dating the form.

The blank time sheet is available in PDF form. You are encouraged to print off or make copies of as many as the free forms as you need. There is also ample room at the top and bottom of the time sheet to add a company logo, business information, a mission statement or any other information that could be useful to the staff.

Download: Blank Time Sheet Form

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