Time Sheet

Time Sheet


Time Sheet Functionality

Use this template to document the weekly work hours of employees. The heading easily identifies the employee by name and department. It also captures the starting day of the payroll week for easy filing and accurate processing. The next section provides a self-explanatory means of inputting hours worked for each day of the week.

It takes into account lunch for companies who provide unpaid lunch breaks. The last two columns sum up the daily and weekly hours worked by the employee. The final section displays the sum total of hours for the week and breaks down the regular hours and overtime hours. The time sheet provides documentation of worked hours for quick and accurate payroll processing.

Time Tracking Increases Productivity

Time tracking is an approach to preserve and maintain productivity amongst employees. It increases employees’ morale when they know they will be paid on time and for the correct amount. Tracking time weekly via a time sheet expedites the payroll process. No one is having to remember what happened two weeks prior.

This enables small business owners, running their own payroll, to have more time to focus on the customer. High employee morale and customer focus increases productivity. A productive team results in a productive business.

Time Tracking and the Independent Contractor

If a contract worker or company is providing worked based on a purchased amount of time, a time tracking tool is a means to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Don’t be afraid to use the template to request the hours worked on a project be submitted with the completed work.

You can compare templates of various contract employees to make contract renewal decisions based upon efficient use of time. The efficiency and productivity of independent contractors are just as important as your employees.


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