Prince2 Issue Log

prince2 issue log

Keeping track of all the responsibilities associated with a new project can be a daunting task. Problems and issues will almost inevitably arise while working on any project, and making sure these issues are addressed and resolved as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. A Prince2 issue log can sort out any potential problems and rank them by priority level.

The log is an excellent project management tool that can also ensure that the issues are taken care of in a timely fashion. The issue log template is simple to use, easy to print and completely free.

Using the Prince2 Issue Log

The top of the Prince2 issue log template is reserved for the project’s name, number, manager and board. There is also room for the total number of issues and where they rank on the priority scale.prince2 issue log

The heart of the issue register is broken down into 10 categories. The categories are:

  • Issue ID #
  • Issue Type
  • Date Raised
  • Raised By
  • Issue Report Author
  • Issue Report Author
  • Issue Description
  • Priority
  • Severity
  • Status
  • Closure Date


The issue will be logged with an ID number and the type of issue will be placed immediately next to it. Next, fill in when the date of the issue was raised and who was the one who raised it. The issue report author is the one who is filling out the report, and the issue description will provide a brief synopsis of the problem. This area can be expanded by using “ALT + Enter,” which will create line breaks in the box.

The priority level and severity will be determined by the issue report author. The final two boxes are to provide status updates and when the issue has been completely resolved. At the bottom of the sheet is a bar graph, which will display how many issues in the respective priority level exist.

This Prince2 issue log template is totally customizable. While it comes pre-loaded with space for 20 different issues, it can be altered and changed however you desire to best meet your project management needs.

Download: Prince2 Issue Log

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