Use Printable To Do Lists to Get Your Life Organized

Printable To Do Lists to Get Organized

The average person is extraordinarily busy these days. It can be difficult to get done everything you need to get done without some sort of reminder. Using printable to do lists to get organized can provide these gentle reminders and also keep a record of what has and hasn’t been completed or accomplished. A simple to-do list can help you get organized and make life just a little bit easier. These lists also won’t cost you a cent, because they are completely complimentary.

Using Printable To Do Lists to Get OrganizedPrintable To Do Lists to Get Organized

The to-do list is basic, simple to use and very easy to understand. The printable to-do list featured on this site has five main categories:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Due Date
  • Project
  • Description


These categories are broken down into five columns. The first column will allow you to track the status of the task or “to-do”. The second column allows you to rank the priority of the task. The third column is reserved for when you would like the task to be completed. The project column for giving the task a proper title. The description section Is so you can provide a brief outline or overview of what the project entails and what it will take to get it completed.

The to-do list is designed to contain as many as 50 projects and tasks. However, this template is completely customizable. You are free to add or remove as many project lines as you require. You can also add more categories or sections to better keep track of all your ongoing to-do’s.

In addition, the color scheme can also be changed to your liking. For example, if this to-do list will serve as a chore list for a child, you can brighten up the color scheme so the list may appear more appeasing. You can also add a section that will reveal rewards each time a to-do has been completed.

Once the to-do list has been filled out to your liking, simply print it off and hang or place it in a spot or area that cannot be avoided. This will ensure that you will be reminded of the tasks you have at hand.

Download: Printable To Do Lists To Get Organized

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