Prince2 Risk Register Excel Template

Prince2 Risk Register Excel Template

Managing all the aspects of a project can be difficult, especially without the proper tools. One of the aspects that cannot be overlooked is the project’s risks. Monitoring the potential risks that come with any project is extremely important. A Prince2 risk register Excel template can help you assess all the issues associated with a current or upcoming project. The template can also keep all those who are involved updated on the latest information. The risk template available on this page is printable, easy to fill in and 100% free.

Using the Prince2 Risk Register Excel Template

Prince2 simply is an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments and it was originally developed by a government agency in the United Kingdom. The Prince2 process is based on seven simple principles, seven themes and seven processes.Prince2 Risk Register Excel Template

At the top of the Prince2 risk register Excel template featured on this site is space reserved for the project’s name, project’s number, project’s manager and the project’s board. The Prince2 risk register Excel template then uses a color-coded system to assess risks. The lowest level risk is marked with green, medium-sized risks are coded amber, while the highest risks are denoted in red.

The heart of the risk register template is broken down into 14 categories. The categories include:

  • Risk ID #
  • Author
  • Date Registered
  • Risk Category
  • Description
  • Risk Owner
  • Probability (%)
  • Impact
  • Expected Value
  • Proximity
  • Risk Response
  • Action
  • Risk Actionee
  • Risk Status


At the bottom of the Prince2 risk register Excel template is a pair of bar graphs. The first graph reveals the total approximate financial impact of the risks. The second graph displays the total number of current risks. These graphs employ the color-coded system outlined earlier.

The template is designed to monitor 17 potential risks, but it can be expanded or decreased based on the needs of the company. Categories can also be added to the template if necessary. The risk register template is one of several Prince2 templates available on this site. These complimentary templates and spreadsheets are all designed to help with all of your project management needs.

Download: Prince2 Risk Register Excel Template

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