Weekly Schedule Template

Weekly Schedule Template

For most people, lives are hectic on a daily basis. Seemingly without fail, we forget to accomplish a goal or two we set at the beginning of the day. It isn’t because of a lack of motivation, it’s simply because the goal or task was forgotten. Even in the digital age, a paper weekly schedule can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons, and our complimentary weekly schedule template can help start you in the right direction.

Weekly Schedule Template: Using the Template

There are hundreds of weekly schedule templates available, but the one available on this site is simple to download, easy to use and completely free. Another great benefit of the weekly schedule template is it’s completely customizable.

Weekly Schedule Template

Don’t like the color scheme? Don’t like the font type? Too many days? Not enough days? Need less room for notes? More room for notes? Want to add pictures? This schedule can be tweaked, changed and altered in any way you desire. It was created to be as user-friendly as possible, but users are encouraged to customize their schedule to their exact specifications.

As created, the weekly schedule template begins with Monday and ends on Sunday. Like the rest of the calendar, this can be changed if you would prefer it begins with Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday. Absolutely zero dates are included with the calendar, meaning they are good from now until the end of eternity. The schedule includes a five-week month, but that can also be changed.

Beneath each day of the week is an area to compose notes, tasks, chores or other daily activities. Because it’s an Excel template, you can add a row or column for check boxes to mark once the tasks are completed. Need more or less room for notes? Simply extend the work area. You can either type in your tasks for the week if you know them ahead of time or print off the template and write them is as you go.

The weekly schedule is just one of hundreds of complimentary templates, calculators and spreadsheets designed to make your life easier.

Download: Weekly Schedule Template

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