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Most would agree that living in the digital age is spectacular, but there are millions of people who still enjoy the freedom and accessibility that comes with an analog planner. If you happen to be one of those people, the weekly schedule planner template could be exactly what you’re searching for. The schedule planner template is simple to use and can be printed off with the simple click of the mouse. It’s also instantly downloadable and completely complimentary on this site.

Using the Weekly Schedule Planner Template

The weekly schedule planner template simply could not be any easier to use. As designed, the planner includes all seven days of the week and runs from Sunday through Saturday, and from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. However, it can easily be expanded, decreased or otherwise altered depending on your needs.

Weekly Schedule Planner Template

The Excel template featured here is completely customizable. You can change all the time categories, move all the days around, even change the color scheme to something that better reflects your personal style. If you need more room for writing notes, upcoming appointments or important events, simply expand the margins.

The daily scheduling information can be input via keyboard or simply print off the template and write things as you go by hand. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the weekly planner. You conceivably could print off an entire stack, place them in a drawer or on top of a desk and simply grab one or a few whenever you them.

These can also be taken to the office or other work place and distributed among fellow employees. The planners could be used to remind co-workers about company meetings, holidays, birthdays, work functions or other noteworthy events.

The weekly schedule planner template is just one of the dozens of tools available on this site that are designed to help get you better organized.  There are also hundreds of calendars, calculators, templates and spreadsheets meant to help make everyone’s life a little easier.

Download: Weekly Schedule Planner Template

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