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Summertime is perhaps most well known for being a time of vacations, family reunions and picnics, enjoying the great outdoors and other fun warm weather activities. Using a summer event flyer will surely come in handy for anyone making preparations and working to publicize one of those fun activities.

Microsoft Publisher compatible, this simple and customizable summer event flyer is ideal for picnics, office gatherings, field day events, church cook offs and more. Its editable layout even allows for seamless integration of alternative background images, graphics and branding elements. Use of this summer event flyer will take hardly any time at all; and it will certainly simplify the process of publicizing a major summer event for a family, community or company gathering.

How to Use the Summer Event Flyer Publisher Document

  • Start by writing in any of the pertinent information for the event. Within the brackets that say [your summer] write either the anniversary or a catchy tagline. Within [EVENT NAME] indicate the title or type of the event being held. Proceed to adjust the date, time and location (which have examples pre-written within their brackets).
  • Provide more details about the summer event within the description area within the brackets beginning with ‘[Say more about your event here…]’
  • Insert the company name and/or logo–if applicable–in the lower left hand section of the document.

Tips for Using the Summer Event Flyer Publisher Document

  • Consider writing down all the necessary information to go onto the flyer, or copying and pasting from any correspondences pertaining to the event. This leaves less room for errors or typos. This can also be applied to the design process if the flyer needs to reflect a theme not related to outdoors or picnics.
  • Send out a draft copy of the flyer before printing. A fresh perspective on it can add to the flyer’s uniqueness while helping to double check for other overlooked errors.
  • Adjust the font size, color and type to further enhance the unique look of this flyer.


Download: Summer Event Flyer

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