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When you’re organizing a political event like a rally or a fundraiser, it can be tough to get the word out. Commercials and billboards are costly and largely ignored by the public; individualized invitations or mailers require a great deal of work and money and are limited in their audiences; and simple word of mouth, private blog entries, or entries on candidates’ websites are undependable and hard to track. It’s especially difficult for private parties who want to hold political events without the solid financial backing of a candidate’s organized campaign to advertise their events. This is where a Political Flyer Template can be a lifesaver.

The Political Flyer Template available for download on this page is designed to work with Microsoft Publisher. This small, absolutely free download will allow you to avail yourself of all the unique functions in the Publisher application without the headache of having to start the entire process from scratch. The template is not only easy to use but also designed to be extremely customizable, allowing you to make a flyer that perfectly fits your message.

How to Use the Political Flyer Template

  • Download the free template file available on this page. When you open the file it should open directly into Microsoft Publisher.
  • Use the template to help guide you in the placement of the information you intend to disseminate, focusing first on the text and placing more important information in larger print and less important information in a smaller font size.
  • Publisher has a huge range of options; don’t be afraid to use them! Add colors, pictures or anything else you think might help get your message across.

Tips for Using the Political Flyer Template

  • Jot down some notes before you begin working with the template. Know what you want to say and which information you really want to emphasize.
  • If your flyer is intended to benefit a specific candidate, make sure you are aware of any color schemes, logos, etc. that might be a part of the candidate’s campaign, and find out whether you can use them. This can lend credence to your document, but be careful not to violate any copyrights.
  • Do your best to make a flyer that immediately catches the eye. Play with colors, fonts and wording. This could mean the difference between a recipient either showing up at your event or throwing the flyer away without having looked at it.

When creating a political flyer, it is best to always keep in mind the best ways to get people to actually take the time to read your message. The Political Flyer Template will help you get a head start on this, giving you an outline of a general template that you can then turn into a fantastic, eye-catching flyer.

Download: Political Flyer Template

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