Car Wash Flyer Template

The Car Wash Flyer Template

Car Wash Flyer Template That You Can Customize

The Car Wash Flyer Template available to download for free on this page is incredibly easy to use. It will be customized to fit your groups car wash in no time so you can start handing them out. Here is a little step by step instructions to get you from start to finish and a couple of tips that might help to save you time.

How to Use the Car Wash Flyer Template

When you open the file available here for download, Publisher 2003 or compatible software will bring up the contents. The first obvious data to enter is the date, as well as the time of the event. These two bits of information will go right beside the Date: and Time: on the document. At the bottom you will want to add your company’s name where the template contains the text Organizations Name.

Last, you can enter information about the event in place of Place text here about your car wash. You should include the place, how much it costs, and any other bits of information about why you are raising money and how the money will be spent. Print yourself out a few hundred copies and start passing them out!

Tips on Using the Car Wash Flyer Template

If you wanted to use this as a party invitation you could change a few things around to suit that need. It would work nicely for a 70’s era party with the background included. You can add your organizations logo to the Car Wash Flyer Template if you wish. Possibly in the information you should put that if you bring this flyer you can receive some sort of discount. You would then be able to see how well your flyers did in advertising your event compared to just traffic driving by.

The Car Wash Flyer Template is so easy to use and looks great. In no time you will have it fully customized to your event after downloading it for free at the bottom of this page. Try it out and see how money customers you can attract to your soapy buckets of water and bathing suits.

Download: Car Wash Flyer Template

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