Christmas Party Flyer

Christmas Party Flyer Template

When planning any event it is important to provide details in an easy to read and follow manner. Easily share your Christmas party details with your guests with this free downloadable Christmas party flyer Word template. Christmas party flyers are great for both corporate and personal events.

The ability to easily add your own personalized details makes it easy to customize your flyer for any type of event, location, theme, etc. Add your own Christmas party time, date, and other important details that your guests need to know about your specific event to the downloadable Christmas party flyer in minutes.

How to Use the Christmas Party Flyer Word Template

  • Download the free customizable template directly from this page.
  • Open the template in Word to begin your customization.
  • Fill in all customizable areas of the template with your own personalized Christmas party information. Include the date, time and an optional personal message to your guests if you choose.
  • Click on any customizable areas you do not wish to use, select the template text, and hit the delete key to remove the text.
  • Proofread and save your customized Flyer as a new file.
  • Print your party flyer and give to your guests!

Tips For Using the Christmas Party Flyer Word Template

  • Be sure to include as many Christmas Party details as possible.
  • Consider including the Christmas party’s full address instead of a location description to make it easier for guests to find your Christmas party.
  • Use a flyer to give your corporate event a bit of flair or brighten up your personal home party with a fun Christmas Party Flyer.
  • If asking guests to wear a specific attire or bring a gift be sure to include this on your Christmas party flyer.

Taking the time to create a festive party flyer will ensure your guests have all the information needed to attend your party while adding a bit of creativity to your party. Download our easy to use template today.

Download: Christmas Party Flyer

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