Free Excel To Do List Template

Free Excel To Do List Template

If you are a person who needs organization or are more productive when you have a list set out before you, look no further. This simple and easy to use to do list template is simple and easy to use. This template is useable in an Excel spreadsheet.

With this basic template you can get any job or task done in an organized fashion. You can track your progress to make sure you are productive in whatever task or job that is set before you. There are three preset columns that you can manage such as the order you would like things done, what is the task at hand and if you have completed the task.

The excel to do list template is also great as a stand alone feature in which you can print this out and hang it on your refrigerator, take it to the store or have several copies around the home. The template functions as a party to do list, chore list, grocery list, a schedule, or anything else that you can think of to use this handy template for.

You can also modify the color of the template to something of your liking. All the fields are changeable and you can add or subtract columns as needed. You can also change the numerical field to an alphabetical order. You can put as many jobs or tasks as needed on this format. The best feature of all is that it’s free.

To obtain the to do list template, please click on the Download link below. This spreadsheet works on Excel or other software compatible with the .xls extension. We have many other great handy templates as well, so please be sure to browse our inventory. If you like this template, please be sure to tell your friends about

Download: free-excel-printable-to-do-list

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