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The key tool for ensuring a successful and productive day is the practice of using a Daily Work Schedule. The reason most people do not complete important task or reach goals is not because of the desire or ability, but continuously having issues and problems with time management. With the regular use of a Daily Work Schedule you train yourself to set and meet goals daily. Downloading a Daily Work Schedule template creates an interactive, at-your-fingertips assistant to guide you into achieving daily task and meeting short and long term goals.

Daily Work Schedule interactive on-screen planners are much easier to handle and have immediate access, as opposed to the traditional large notebook style pen-and-paper planners. Having your whole day broken down into small increments of time works better than a monthly planner, because it is easier to see when and where you are over planning and when you may have some open space to complete unfinished tasks that you thought you never had time for.

How to Use the Daily Work Schedule

  • The template is free to use
  • The template offers a quick and easy to read view of your day and week
  • The Excel template easily makes it possible to observe and track your day in detail
  • The template is easy to install, click the green download button

Tips for Using the Daily Work Schedule

  • The side tabs make editing or viewing a particular event or day a simple click to get to within your schedule
  • Keep your schedule open on your computer, tablet or Smartphone when confirming future events or plans, at a glance you can make sure you are not double booking activities

Ideas for Successful Time Management

  • If something is important, don’t schedule it for the last thing to do in your day. Often the last thing we do in the day gets dropped or cancelled due to lack of energy or something coming up at the last minute. If a goal or task is important make sure to schedule it within the first three or four things you do that day.
  • Make sure you leave time open to do nothing. When we plan every moment of our day with activity we can often become stressed and agitated. It is important to give yourself an hour or two at the end of the day for down time, and possibly twenty minutes or so once or twice in the day to stop and reflect, call a friend, read a book, take a walk or stretch.

Download: Daily Work Schedule

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