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Making a schedule and keeping track of employees can be a difficult task. Whether it’s a small company with just a few employees, or a large office with dozens of workers to schedule, dates and hours can always get lost in the shuffle. Creating a schedule has never been easier thanks to the work schedule maker Excel template.

This template allows you to schedule as many or as few employees as you need while also serving as an effective and helpful calculator. Payroll personnel will also be thrilled to tell their superiors this schedule maker can be downloaded instantly and is absolutely free.

Using the Work Schedule Maker

Before making the actual employee schedule, there are a few important piece of information that will need to be added to the template. First, you will type what week the schedule is for. This will help you keep an accurate record of who is supposed to be working and when. The dates will also automatically change in the schedule maker below.

Next, you will input the amount of hours you have available in the “Payroll Allotted” section. The importance of this step will be revealed later.Screenshot of the work schedule maker template

Moving on to the schedule maker itself, all seven days of the week are listed beginning with Sunday. The light grey section is where you will list the names of the employees scheduled to work. Underneath each day is an “In” time and “Out” time. Here is where you will mark down the hours for each employee. This process will be repeated for the duration of the work week.

Once all the information has been put in the template, the total number of hours will appear in the dark green-shaded “Total” column. In addition, the template will calculate how many of the allotted payroll hours you have used. This will be displayed in the “Payroll Used” box at the top of the template. If you have gone over the amount of hours allotted, red numbers will appear in the total “Remaining” hours box at the top.

Once complete, the schedule maker can also be printed off to serve as a daily reminder for employees in the office.

Download: Work Schedule Maker

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