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If you or someone you love is on a variety of medications for any number of issues then this medication schedule is absolutely the best thing that you could ever download and use. The entire thing is meant to make it easier for you to track the days and times when each medication is required and it even makes it easier to remember by providing an easy way to print out a weekly schedule. In reality, this medication schedule could be a real life saver in many cases.

A lot of people think something like this would be expensive or difficult to find, but in this case you couldn’t be more wrong. The medication schedule for Excel is absolutely free and will remain free forever so you can use it for as long as you like without spending a dime.

The entire thing was created to be easily customizable too so you can easily add any and all medications that need to be taken as well as all of the details about those medications. The entire thing is incredibly easy to setup and it is absolutely worth trying out.

Using the Medication Schedule

Using the medication schedule is easier than you could even imagine. All you have to do is download the template and open it up in Excel. You will immediately see a simple schedule laid out as well as multiple sheets for a weekly schedule, daily schedule, and setup. In the setup sheet is where you will put in all of the medication you must take, how often to take it, and what times to take it.

If for some reason you temporarily go off a medication all you have to do is switch it to inactive and it will keep all of the data without actually putting it on the schedule. Once everything is setup you can switch over to the weekly schedule, it is recommended that you print this out so it will be readily available whenever you need to take medication. That is all there is to it, the entire thing takes only minutes to set up and it will make sure you never forget your important medication again.

Download: Medication Schedule

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