Business Restroom Checklist

The Business Restroom Checklist will help your business reach new heights as you organize your employees to keep a tidy restroom. The Restroom Checklist is a simple document that allows you to enter any number of tasks that will keep your restroom clean and place responsibility on your staff. Best of all, this Business Restroom template is so quick and easy to edit for your business that you’ll be done almost as soon as you download the free document to your computer. You want to leave your customers a lasting impression of your business, make sure it’s a positive one by using the Restroom Checklist.

How to Use the Business Restroom Checklist

After you have downloaded and opened the document, start in the “Area” column of the document.

Go through and enter specific items that you need to be cleaned within the restroom of your business. Some good items to keep clean are the mirrors, sinks, urinals, and stalls. Make sure that the most common areas of the bathroom are taken care of first.
You can also change the times at the top of your screen by clicking on the times and writing new ones in accordance with your business hours.

As you make your way down the list, you can start to include items that will need deep cleaning (floors, stocking toilet paper, etc.).

Now you can print the document to place in your bathrooms for employees. To print the document simply click the File and Print tabs at the top of your screen.

When you have a physical copy of your Restroom Checklist, enter the date at the top of the page and hand the paper somewhere that is easily assessable to your staff. Inform them that when they complete a task they should initial in the appropriate box under the time you have designated.

Keep your customers coming back with restrooms that sparkle from the floor to the ceilings.

Reasons to Use the Business Restroom Checklist

  1. Quick and easy to edit
  2. Comes packed with examples
  3. Printable for convenience

Download: Business Restroom Checklist

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