Holiday Family Checklist

To have the perfect family holiday event, you have to plan out what you’re going to do beforehand. The Holiday Family Checklist is a fast and free way to list out all the things required before your holiday event and make sure they get done! Nothing beats the simplicity of an easy-to-use checklist. That’s why this template is so great; you can easily download the document for free and customize it to fit your specific holiday needs. Enjoy this time with the people you love and let this checklist take care of the heavy lifting!

How to Use the Holiday Family Checklist

The first thing you’ll have to do in order to get started is download the Family Checklist. Simply click on the linked provided at the bottom of this page and the downloading process will automatically start!

The next step is to enter all of the dates you will need to have your items ready in the far left corner of the document. To edit the pre-written examples, simply click inside the cell you need to change and start typing your new information.

When all of your dates have been written, just write down the items that you want coincide with those times. You can enter everything from the items you have to buy to certain meals that need to be prepared, anything you need, down to the last hour before your event can be listed!

There is also a section to the far right of the document where you can leave small notes about any of the tasks you need to accomplish.

After you have your entire sheet filled out, you can print the document for your convenience! Click the “File” tab at the top of your screen and select “Print”.

Now you have everything you have to plan the perfect party this holiday season!

Reasons to Use the Holiday Family Checklist

  • Everything you need is conveniently on one page
  • Includes plenty of examples to get you started
  • Easily Customized to fit your needs

Plan the perfect holiday event this year with the help of this simple template!

Download: Holiday Family Checklist

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