Clean Room Checklist

If your entire home is in desperate need of a deep cleaning then the perfect tool to use is the Clean Room Checklist. This helpful template was designed to avoid all the complicated nonsense that comes with most apps and other Excel templates. Now, you can get right down to business as you make your way through every corner of your home. Simply edit the document to include everything you need to accomplish, print, and mark the checkboxes off as you go. It’s really that easy. Best of all, the template is 100% free. Don’t let the dust bunnies overtake your home. Be prepared this year with the free cleaning checklist.

How to Use the Clean Room Checklist

To download the free template to your computer all you have to do is click the file located at the bottom of this page.

With that out of the way, you can see how easy this template will be to use. It’s in the form of a simple Word document so all you have to do is edit the information to suit your own needs.

The best way to start editing the document is by changing the headers at the beginning of each section. These titles are made to inform you which area of the house the following tasks will focus on. This way, you can save time by finishing one room completely and moving onto the next with zero hassle.

Now, you need to enter the tasks for each area/room. These chores will pertain to the room you have listed above.

When you have all your chores listed on the document you can print off a sheet to carry with you as you go. You will simply
press “File” then “Print” and you’ll have everything you need to keep a tidy home.

Why Use the Clean Room Checklist

  • Simple design
  • Made to print
  • Reusable

Download: Clean Room Checklist

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