Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter Template Free

We have all been the victim of poor service at some point in our lives. Drafting a professional letter addressing the incident is a challenge. Download our free Customer Complaint Letter Template and make your challenge easier. Our easy-to-use template in Word format customizes in a few clicks of your mouse to fit your situation.

Using the Customer Complaint Letter Template

  • The first step is to download a copy to your computer. Choose an easily accessible destination folder for ease of locating the customer complaint letter template should you need it in the future.
  • Next, enter your information using the default font or one of your choosing. These fields include, your name, address, phone number and, the current date.
  • Third, enter the company information such as name of business, address, and the name of intended recipient. Addressing your letter to a specific individual assures it will receive the attention it deserves.
  • Your final steps will be typing information in the appropriate fields contained in the body of the letter and entering personal data in the closing.

Helpful Tips for Using the Customer Complaint Letter Template

  • Free to download today from this site, this template allows you customize fonts and font size to suit. Maintaining a professional tone requires little if any changes contained in the body of the letter.
  • The space between the closing and the field for your name leaves room for your handwritten signature. Your signature adds the final professional touch needed to grab attention to your issue.
  • Finally, save the copy of your finished letter in the folder of choice should any questions arise. By saving a copy of your letter, you will have the ability to reference dates and contacts of whom the complaint letter template was intended for.

Addressing the situation with our free downloadable Customer Complaint Letter Template maintains a professional tone while addressing the complaint in a clear concise manner. A professionally drafted letter achieves results quicker and leaves no doubt as to what happened and what is expected.

Click here to download your free customer complaint template from this page today!

Download: Complaint Letter Template

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