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Book Inventory Template

Keeping an accurate inventory is far from a simple thing to do, and the more inventory one has the harder and harder it is to keep track of it. This is particularly true for bookstores and book dealers, because so much of the inventory just looks the same. However, for those who need to keep an accurate book inventory there’s no need to invest in expensive programs or to spend a lot of time, money and effort on gimmicks. All that’s required is a basic, simple spreadsheet that we can offer free of charge.

How Does This Book Inventory Sheet Work?

This spreadsheet is actually a fairly simple, straightforward method of keeping book inventory. First, download the sheet from the link provided. Once it’s been downloaded, open the sheet and click “Save As”. Save the spreadsheet with an easy to identify name, such as “January 12 book inventory”. Once you have the new file, simply fill it in with the inventory and all of the changes that occurred that day. This creates a record that can be brought up at a moment’s notice, and which is easy to identify because of the date that it’s been saved under.

The Benefits of Using This Book Inventory Sheet

First and foremost, a lot of the heavy lifting is already taken care of with these inventory spreadsheets. There’s no math required on the part of the user, as all of the calculations have already been performed and are ready to run as soon as the numbers have been entered. Additionally, this spreadsheet works with any program that supports Microsoft Excel, which is one of the most common spreadsheet programs on the market. If the business in question has computers, it has the capacity to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to get the job done.

Lastly, and this is the big benefit, our sheets are free. Not just the first download, or even the first three, but always free. So if the file gets lost, corrupted, over-written, or just too messed up to work anymore, download another one free of charge with no worries.

Download: Book Inventory

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  1. Bob Macdonald

    I am looking for an Excel inventory to list my paintings and other collectibles with their images

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