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Free Medication Log Template

A couple of years ago, I was caring for my terminally ill mother in my home. She was taking many medications and it was easy to become confused as to which medication to give at what time. The hospice nurses suggested that I download and use a medication log template which can be tailored to suit your particular needs. Using this log gave me great peace of mind knowing that I was giving her the right medications at the right time. Now as I am getting older and taking more medications myself, I have also found the medication log template useful. It can also save you some money.

A Medication Log Template is Easy to Use!

This template is super easy to use. There are several reasons why, including:

  1. The medication log template is easy to download from this website. All you have to do is click on the download button. It’s useful to save the template directly to your desktop so that you can quickly locate.
  2. It’s easy to format to your specific needs. You can delete any of the suggested columns. Just as easily, you can add columns.
  3. You can print out the template and write out medication information. Many prefer to keep an electronic copy. This ensures a complete and accurate log of medications and know that a page has not been misplaced.
  4. Not only is template easy to find, edit and it’s FREE!


Once the template is downloaded, whether you choose to keep a hand-written copy or electronic, configure the template to show the particular items you find useful. Using the medication log template can help you prevent taking duplicates and save you money. You can also keep track of any vitamins or other supplements you take as well as keeping track of immunizations for you and your children.

When making a trip to the doctor, instead of taking a bag with all your medications, you can easily print out the log and take to your appointment. Using a medication log template is easy to find, download and use. Because of all these reasons, everyone taking medications should use this template.

Download: Medication Log Template

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