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Making quick and efficient sales calls is an important part of business. When done correctly it can lead to increased sales as well as increased productivity. If you want to help your employees be more efficient on their sales calls then maybe you should try out this sales call log for Excel. The entire thing is setup to make it easier for employees to get their point across while making sales calls. It also is made to track any and all clients so you know who has already been contacted.

The best part of this sales call log is that it is completely free to download so you never have to pay anything. The template is simply an Excel spreadsheet with some additional touchups and when you get everything setup how you need it the sales call log will save tons of time.

The entire template is 100% customizable too so you can quickly and easily add or remove any feature you need. This is absolutely the simplest and most effective sales call log available and since it is free it is absolutely worth trying out.

Using the Sales Call Log

Using the sales call log is as easy as can be. All you have to do is open it up in Excel and things will be incredibly clear to you. One of the Excel sheets is used to track the actual calls made or received during a day, the next sheet is used to keep track of the actual client’s information like phone numbers, and the third is used as a checklist for while on the call.

The entire thing is incredibly efficient and simple to use, plus since it is free you won’t have to spend any more. This sales call system is literally the easiest thing you could possibly do to improve sales call effectiveness and keep track of the calls better. It is definitely worth a shot if you want to start saving time and making more sales, plus it is so easy to setup that it will literally only take a few minutes for everything to be working at full power.

Download: Sales Call Log

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