Real GDP Template

The free Real GDP Template includes inflation rates so you can historically assess the annual and quarterly GDP of the United States from 1929 to the present. This template gives you full access to the information you need for your government and economics classes. You can even reference this free template for essays and papers. The free Real GDP Template serves as the ultimate companion to students that need this information. This information is trusted and accurate, coming straight from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. You can download and gain access to this database by following the directions given below.

Downloading and Using the Real GDP Template

Start by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking the link below.

Next, take a look at the columns listed. You have sections for the year, the GDP in billions of current dollars, ‘GDP in billions of chained 2009 dollars, for both the annual and quarterly GDP.

Let’s use a fun example so you know exactly how to look up information and use this free template.

Let’s say that you need to look up the inflation rates and compare them to the cost of the GDP from the time of the Great Depression. You would simply look for the date in the first column (1929-1939) of either the quarterly or annual tables.

You can see there was a significant dip in the GDP in that decade-long gap. After 1940, you can also see an increase.

You can also look along the columns to see the general shift in patterns that certain events have contributed to the overall economy.

This template has everything you need to compare the GDP of the United States from one era to the next.

You can learn so much about the American economy by downloading this free template today!

Download: Real GDP Template

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