Primary Election Vote Tracker

The Primary Election Poll Tracker can help you monitor and store all the important information about the candidate that will soon become the president of the United States. The template allows you to enter every state and the number of votes each candidate takes after the primary elections. The template was designed to by extremely easy to understand after downloading. Right after looking at the page, all you’ll need to do is enter the information under the correct category listed and you’ll have all the data you need to stay well informed for the primaries.

Primary Election Vote Tracker Instructions

Once you have the document open, the only thing you’ll need to pay attention to is the header row of bolded categories.

These are the items you’ll need to enter under each column. There is a lot of sample information included but you only need to enter the candidates you want to track. Simply highlight and delete all the sample information when you understand what you need to enter.

Go through and list all the data for the states, the candidates, and their number of votes in the correct columns.

The document gives you plenty of space to enter the information for all democrat and republican candidates but, again, you can simply list the ones you want to follow.

Watch as your candidate continues to gain votes throughout the voting season and soar above their opposing candidates and party.

Top Reasons to Use the Primary Election Vote Tracker

  1. All your information is on one page
  2. Includes examples from previous primaries to get you started
  3. Allows for both party candidates

Download: Primary Election Vote Tracker

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