Inflation Calculator Template

Inflation Calculator Template

Learning about inflation in your Econ class can be difficult at times. One of the most important topics to grasp is inflation. That mystical concept that allows your elders to say they could “fill up my car and buy dinner for a dollar,” is a strange thing to learn about. Luckily, the free Inflation Calculator Template can show you the calculations and even display the rates of inflation during different periods of time. You can see exactly how inflation has impacted the economy and how it’s calculated by downloading this free template. To get started, just follow the guide below.

Getting Started with the Inflation Calculator Template

To download this template file to your computer, all you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page.

1. An inflation calculator which calculates the inflation rate between years 1914 & 2016
2. Includes a table of inflation rates by month & year from 1914 – 2016
3. The template also includes inflation rates based on 2016

When you open the sheet you will see the initial calculator on this first tab of the document. Here, you can enter the date and the price of an item to see the difference between its value from one time to another.

Let’s use an example to make things easier. Today, the average student loan debt is about 35,000 dollars. You would enter the date, “2016,” and then the figure, “$35,000.”

Now, enter a date that you want to compare this price to another. Let’s say you want to see the value of that amount in 1965. You would enter that date and see at the bottom the average student loan would cost around 268,000 dollars in comparison back then. That’s quite the difference.

The “Table Historical Inflation Rate” tab shows the ups and downs through each year and the CPI tab does much the same, accounting for all consumers. Finally, the “Inflation Rates” tab shows the increase in percentages over time. You can see inflation has decreased slightly over the last few years and heavily over the last few decades.

Download: Inflation Calculator Template

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