Manufacturing Output Chart

Free Manufacturing Output Chart

Many manufacturing companies run their operation with daily goals in place. Each day they go over the production numbers to see if the desired results have been met. Doing this daily helps companies see how their production of components varies from day-to-day over a given month. The manufacturing output chart is an easy-to-use template that companies can use to input the amount of components that are completed daily.

Having this information to look through on a day-to-day basis with the production department can help improve the manufacturing process. To share details with staff members – graphs can be created to show this information in a visual presentation. The template is simple to customize with your company information, and can be downloaded from this page for free. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2004 or later.

How to Use the Manufacturing Output Chart Template

  • Download the manufacturing output chart to any preferred folder in your computer or to desktop for quicker access to file.
  • Once downloaded, locate the file and open to edit the text fields with your own information. There are two pages; one is for the chart and the other is where you will input the information for each day.
  • On the heading – components completed- you can edit it and enter anything you prefer such as the company name, add the name of the supervisor in charge of the production department or whatever description seems best for you.
  • The fields for the days can be cleared, and information entered as each day progresses.

Tips for Using the Manufacturing Output Chart Template

  • Copies of the manufacturing output chart for the prior month can be posted on a wall with details added that reference the changes that need to be made – to meet future production goals.
  • Information that is entered on these forms can be gathered for monthly or quarterly analysis, and comparisons.

With the ease of use of the manufacturing output chart, any company can share important information about the progress of their production goals in an appealing and attractive visual presentation that is clearer to understand. The template can be saved and used multiple times and customized – to meet the needs of most manufacturing companies.

Download: Manufacturing Output Chart

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