Master Production Schedule

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This Master Production Schedule (MPS) is a company plan for production, ordering and managing inventory. Most often used by manufacturing companies, the master production schedule indicates when and how much of each product is demanded. Since a master production schedule drives much of the factory activity, its quality dramatically affects a factory’s profitability. Utilizing a simple production schedule template or planning schedule template in Excel can help you easily and effectively manage these processes.

Using the Master Production Schedule

A production schedule template is a vital tool to implementing a business plan. A production schedule template is what you will use to manage your master production schedule. The master production schedule is considered the head of all schedules and provides managers with all the information needed to plan and control manufacturing operations. It can help avoid inefficient use of resources, shortages, scheduling issues and other costs.

A complete production schedule template will have inputs that reflect forecast demand, production and inventory costs, supply, etc., as well as outputs such as the amount to be produced, quantities available, projected available balance, etc.

We have provided you with a free downloadable master production schedule, production schedule template and planning schedule template. Example values are conveniently inputted in the production schedule template to demonstrate how a master production schedule works. You can adjust the values in this Excel schedule template as you wish. The first worksheet in this production schedule template shows the structure of a master production schedule and how forecasting is accounted for.

In addition to this free production schedule template, we offer other useful Excel schedule template and planning schedule template files from our library. Browse the different categories of Excel templates in our website to find more useful Excel templates. You can download our production schedule template right here for free.

Download: Master Production Schedule

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