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No matter how large or small, accounting is unquestionably a major component of any business or company. No matter the size, no company wants to spend money on managing their money. Luckily, there are several Excel accounting templates that you can get for free for your business. The Excel accounting templates can help you do everything from organize the money you take into the business, to adjust how much money is going out of the business and everything financial aspect in between. Company and business owners will love the fact that the Excel accounting templates available on this page are instantly downloadable at no charge to you.

Making the Most of the Excel Accounting Templates

So how can you or your company make the most of the accounting templates from Microsoft Excel that are available on this page? For starters, the template is extremely easy to use and understand. The template is broken down into three worksheets. The first sheet is labeled journal, the second is titled debit account and the third is titled credit account.

There are templates that you can use for payroll accounts that are great if you have a large number of employees. You simply enter the number of hours each person worked and how much the person makes an hour, and the amount for the pay is calculated. The Excel accounting templates are free and they can be adjusted based on how often you need to calculate accounts.

The template featured here on this page is just one of the various accounting templates and spreadsheets that are available on this site. They are just part of the massive collection of hundreds of helpful tools designed to make things a little easier for any business owner or employee.

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