Start Up Expenses Template

Start Up Expenses Template

Starting up a business can expensive. When preparing to start a business, a person needs to know how much money they are going to have to invest and the interest rate on their investment. To help a person get an idea of how much money is needed they can use a start up expenses template in Excel to see how much money they should borrow.

This start up expenses template is easy to use and can be downloaded for free below. It is able to be customized with a person’s business information.

Using the Start Up Expenses Template

To use the start up expenses template, a person enters:

  • Their name, contact information, and how much money they are going to invest. They also enter the information of anyone they are going into business with and much mush money their business partner is going to invest. The total amount of the investments will then be added up.
  • In the next section a person puts in the information of their bank loans in separate boxes. The calculator will then add up to total amount of these loans.
  • The next section on the start up expenses template is for a person to add any additional loans they may have taken out.
  • There is a section to add the costs of the building the business will operate out of. This include the purchase price, building price, or remodeling cost. If a person leased the building this cost is put into the next section.
  • The last section of the start up expenses template is for the cost of inventory, furniture, machinery, and other related expenses. These cost will then be added up.


A person can then look at these totals and get an idea of how much money they will need to start up a business. This will show them how much money is going to be used for different parts of the business. They can make adjustments to each section and needed and see where the majority of their investment is going to go. The business startup expenses template will give a person an idea of how much money they are going to have to put out to start their business.

Download: Start Up Expenses Template

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