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Free Media Advertising Template

Advertising is key when it comes to having a business that sales goods or has services to offer. Advertising will allow potential customers to get a better understanding of what your company does. They can get lured into using the business when they see a great offer that they can’t resist. The Advertising Campaign Template will give you an idea of which marketing type works best for you. Download the advertising campaign template for free right here on this page today!

How to Use the Advertising Campaign Template

  • Across the Advertising Campaign Template is all the months for one year.
  • The sheet is then broken down into four sections: Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail, and Other.
  • Under each section, you are going to list the total costs that you spent for that month with advertising.
  • At the bottom of the template, you will see Total. This is where all the months are added up for a total of all the advertising market types.
  • At the end of the sections, you will see a section called Total. This will give you an idea of what you spent for the entire year on each type of advertising market.

Tips for Using the Advertising Campaign Template

  • The template can be used to your advantage to ensure that you know which type of marketing worked best.
  • You can figure out which times of the year that the campaigns were a better hit. This way, you can offer them again more often or during the same time-frame.
  • You can edit the template to add in more information or take out some that you do not need.

If you want to know the total amount that you spend on advertising your company, the Advertising Campaign Template is a must have. You can download this template right from this page. It is absolutely free to you! The template is easy-to-use and can be customized to fit your needs for your business. This way, you don’t have to list any type of advertising that you do not use.

Download: Advertising Campaign Template

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