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Free ID Badge Template

It is important to have secure employees and processes to keep clients and customers safe. Using an ID badge is a great way to identify company employees so that customers know who is coming to service their needs and who will be walking up to their door. It allows workers to be able to identify themselves and let clients know they are who they say they are. Too many times, people are tricked by con artists who are not who they claim to be. Using an ID badge template can eliminate potential issues and security problems.

How to Use the ID Badge Template

Using the ID badge template is very easy. The best part about the ID badge template is that it is customizable. The ID badge template is also downloadable from this page for free. Follow the simple steps below to get the template:

  • Use Excel 2003 or newer to download the ID badge template
  • Once downloaded, add employee name and ID number
  • Finally, add a recent photo of each employee
  • Print the ID badge
  • Laminate and add a clip
  • That’s it!


How to Customize the Template

Customizing the template is very simple. The background colors can be changed to match company colors. A business logo or other information can be added by simply inserting text into the template. A picture with the logo or color coding can be added for extra security to make sure that badges are not easily copied by imitators and con artists. Changing the font size and style is easy too with simple changes in Excel.

Keeping clients and staff safe and secure during business transactions is a vital part of business today. There are a lot of people who try to imitate company workers to gain access to money and properties. Keeping a record of employees and supplying them with proper identification can help protect and maintain a proper business relationship with customers. Keeping a copy of the badges on file allows a company to send out a picture of the identification to clients so that they can see who is coming and can recognize them from their badge when they arrive.

Using badges helps promote a secure work environment that eases customer fears and allows workers to do their job without fear of misrepresentation. It protects the company.

Download: ID Badge Template

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