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Free Photo ID Badge Template

A lot of companies use photo ID badges for security purposes. They are not just to know who you are but also some ID badges are made to give you access into their business. That way people without ID badges are unable to get into the building of the business. Having a photo ID badge is great for it shows if the person holding the badge is actually the one that is suppose to have it. These badges will not only let people into the building but can also be a way to get access into certain room (such as security room) that all employees may not be allowed into. These rooms could also be certain meeting rooms, file rooms, or even just access to the business personal fitness room. By using our Printable Photo ID Badges template, you will be able to make simple badges for your employees.

The Printable Photo ID Badges template is a great way to start getting your business on track for better security purposes. Our Printable Photo ID Badges template is completely free. It is easy to use and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Our templates are even customizable if needed.

What you need to fill out the Printable Photo ID Badges Template

  • Photo of the employee
  • Employees Name
  • Employee ID number
  • Business Name

Tips on how to use the Printable Photo ID Badges Template

  • First, you need to get pictures taken of the employees you are needing to make a badge for
  • Next, keep a list of the employees in order of which you took their picture. This way you can match their picture up to their information so you don’t get the cards information wrong
  • Then, upload the template and insert the information needed to complete one badge
  • Lastly, print the Printable Photo ID Badges template with the information and picture you inserted to your card making machine or printer (depending on type of card your making). If on paper, keep in mind that you can laminate the cards so they will last longer.


Be sure to download our free Printable Photo ID Badges template today so you can make your business a better place for security purposes.

Download: Printable Photo ID Badges Template

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