Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading


A bill of lading is a document that is typically issued by a shipping company to describe the goods that were sent to the customer. A bill of lading is very specific, so it allows a customer to track their goods and be certain that everything was delivered on time.

A bill of lading is also used to disclose whether or not the shipment is hazardous, or any special instructions for the receiver.

The document should provide essential information that will let the customer know when the products will be delivered. Shared between a supplier and the company or person receiving the goods, the bill of lading’s information will be vital in case the shipment is delayed or lost.

It makes contacting the shipping company much easier when the receiver is able to provide specific information about the product.

A bill of lading template allows a company to create bill of lading templates on the fly, saving time and money. This is a significant administrative cost saver, and makes it easier for the company to send the document to anyone else.

The Excel format is widely recognized by computers around the world, so sending an Excel file shouldn’t be a hassle when you are dealing with clients whom are overseas.

A bill of lading template also makes the design much more attractive. To a company, presentation matters. A well-designed bill of lading will make a good impression on you and your business. Making sure that your bill of lading looks nice is important so that you don’t end up with a ugly document that clients hate.

Bill of lading documents are typically assigned to ocean freight. The vessel will hold on to the bill of lading and make sure that everything is delivered on time and is in good condition.


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