Blank Bill of Lading Form Template

Blank Bill of Lading Form Template

In order to keep track of your inventory properly, use of a bill of lading is the best way to do it. There are number of bill of lading form templates available for use, however many people find the Excel bill of lading template to be of optimal use for these inventory control purposes. The use of a blank bill of lading form template will ensure that you have all the information available to you when referencing information and tracking inventory for all purposes.

Using the Blank Bill of Lading Form Template

The Excel blank bill of lading template has a unique simplicity of form; it contains only the very essential facts in a merchandise order. In the top left corner of the form, you will place your company name and/or logo in the space provided. You can use this very same form for all of your merchandise shipments to keep track of any form of product that is shipped to you. It says “Bill of Lading” immediately adjacent to the company name on the right-hand side. This format will show who you are and what it is for ease of identification. Your company has a lot of different paperwork, this simplifies it.

The rest of the form is laid out in the following manner: “To” and “From” are clearly marked at the top of the form underneath the company name and the “Bill of Lading” descriptor. In the “From” category, the name is clearly marked, and underneath this, the date, the department, and a space for the account number is present. In the second column goes the name, the company name, a street address, the destination city and state, and the ZIP code that corresponds with that area are here. Below that, spaces on the left-hand side indicate the number of packages, that kind of packages that are being shipped, the description of the articles and the special marks and exceptions.

In the rest of the form, there is a space for weight (subject to change), and a column to list all the serial numbers for the specific products being shipped. All in all, the items that would be necessary to track and monitor any shipments would be located somewhere on this form. The Excel bill of lading form template is an excellent tool for shipping and receiving packages for businesses both on the shipping and receiving ends of things.

Download: Blank Bill of Lading Form Template

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