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Free 2014 Employee Attendance Tracker

The ability to keep track of employees’ time is an essential function for any type of job or workplace. Even in small offices with few employees, managers make sure there is enough key personnel present to complete necessary tasks. The Employee Attendance Tracker provides a comprehensive system to help those in charge keep track of attendance and time off so that they prevent unpredicted interruptions in workflow.

This easy to use Excel spreadsheet provides managers with the ability to monitor who is at work, who is out and the reasons for any absences. Every day of the year is listed on the Employee Attendance Tracker with three different resource pages provided. The Calendar View lets you review how many days employees worked and how many days they took off, also providing an area presenting statistics breaking leave taken into sick days, bereavement, vacation and other with a comparison to the same category for the previous year.

The Employee View provides an aggregate of data for all employees on a single page. The Settings page lets you list employees, types of leave and company holidays. Color coding simplifies the data allowing you to quickly scan data for multiple employees. Although the Employee Attendance Tracker provides a number of useful options, it is free to download, easy to use and can be customized for almost any type of business.

How to Use the Employee Attendance Tracker

  • Go to the Settings page and type in the names of employees. While the tracker comes preloaded for five employees you can add as many as you choose by hitting enter at the end of the last name to add additional space. Review the categories for leave and add or alter types as needed. Review the Company Holidays listed and add or alter as applicable to your organization.
  • Whenever an employee arranges for time off go to the Employee Leave Tracker page and record the employee’s name, type of leave requested/taken, and the number of days absent. Company Holidays will automatically be recorded on each individual record.
  • To view an employee’s leave to date go to the Calendar View and enter the employee’s name. That individuals statistics will be displayed.
  • The Employee Attendance Tracker can also be used for scheduling assistance by adding meetings or other obligations of which employees need to be aware. Copies can be sent to the appropriate individuals to help them stay abreast of their obligations.

Download: Employee Attendance Tracker

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