Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership


There are a number of parts of Excel that can help people and businesses better evaluate certain information. One of the most important things you can evaluate is the total cost of ownership. With this function you can evaluate the value of a car, a house or a piece of equipment.

Many people are looking to find out if owning a home, a car or a piece of equipment is worth it and therefore use this function to help them in this process. When evaluating the cost of ownership you will need to go over such information such as property taxes, gas, mortgage and car payment. By going over these things you will be sure to know the total cost of owning something that is quite significant.

House Total Cost of Ownership

When using Excel you will be able to use a table to help evaluate the cost of a home. During the process of using this table you will have the ability to record and analyze things such as the mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and maintenance. Users can also go over living expenses such as utilities, electricity and water use.

People who use the Excel template will have the means to go over each expense according to certain headings and then look at the cost in numbers for each thing. This will usually include headings such as mortgage and then the amount that must be paid.

Car Total Cost of Ownership

Another thing that is quite significant in terms of analyzing the cost of ownership is a car. This is the vehicle and automobile a person drives. When looking to evaluate the cost of ownership of this item you will need to go over things such as purchase price, maintenance, gas, payment and insurance.

On the Excel table you will just need to record these expenses on the worksheet and then the cost for each heading. By using this program you will have an easy way to determine if owning an automobile is worth having.


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