Home Budget Calculator Excel Template

Monthly Budget Calculator Excel Template

Times have been tough for many Americans in recent years. The ebbs and flows of the economy have affected people in vastly different ways, but one key point remains the same: good personal finances start in the home. However, many don’t keep track of where their money is going. A home budget calculator Excel template can easily solve those problems. And since we’re talking about money, it’s important to note that this calculator is also completely complimentary.

Using the Home Budget Calculator Excel Template

The home budget calculator template for Excel will lay out all of your monthly expenses right in front of you. These expenses are broken down by month and tabulated monthly and at the end of the year. Before any expense are ever put in to the template, you must first input your income. The income category is broken down into the subcategories of “wages,” “interest/dividends,” and “miscellaneous.”

Home Budget Calculator Excel Template

When it comes to where your money is going, there isn’t a single expense this template doesn’t have. The main expense categories are:

  • Home
  • Daily Living
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Vacations
  • Recreation
  • Dues/Subscriptions
  • Personal
  • Financial Obligations
  • Miscellaneous Payments

Within each category is a collection of subcategories. For example, under home, the subcategories include mortgage/rent, utilities, phone, home repairs, home improvement, home security and garden supplies. You will input all the money you spend on these respective bills and the total will be calculated at the bottom of the column for the month. This process will be repeated with all the other main categories and their corresponding subcategories.

Once every subcategory has been filled out, the amount for all expenses will be calculated at the bottom of the template. Whether or not you have a cash surplus or you are short on funds will also be revealed. These figures will be displayed every month and your cumulative total will be displayed at the end of a calendar year.

Personalizing the Home Budget Calculator Excel Template

Perhaps the best aspect of the home budget calculator is that it is completely customizable. If there are expenses you see on the spreadsheet template that you will never have, simply remove them. Conversely, if you have expenses you do not see on the template, feel free to add as many as you need.

Download: Home Budget Calculator Template

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