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Free School Expense Calculator

Raising a child can become very expensive, especially when he or she starts school. To plan for certain school related cost, there is a school expense calculator. This calculator template will allow one to budget and prepare for costs and expenses for grades K-12.

This tool is free and available immediately. Users are able to download the form from this page and begin financially planning for the school year in no time. Once downloaded one can customize the template to fit the costs and expenses that pertain specifically to one’s child. Such customizations could include removing Musical inst. & lessons from the Activity section and replace it with tennis lessons or other extracurricular coaching sessions. Also, this K-12 expense calculator can be used to budget for college attendance. Just customize the template to reflect college related costs and expenses.

How to Use the School Expense Calculator

  • Download the template from the site and open it in an Excel program.
  • Customize the school expense calculator to add or remove sections and/or categories that do or do not pertain to the k-12 school year.
  • Type in the costs for each section or category.
  • Save and/or print the calculator template and place it in a location that is easy for you to retrieve.

Tips for Using the School Expense Calculator

  • In order to create an accurate expense calculator research cost and expenses instead of guessing the amounts.
  • Use a separate sheet of paper to calculate each category or section such as a full year of school lunches.
  • Update information such as cost or activities as often as possible. Costs may not stay the same through the full school year. When costs or expenses increase or decrease, make the necessary adjustments in the school expense calculator in order to keep an accurate budget. Also, one’s child may decide to change which extracurricular activities they attend during the middle or the year. Make these adjustments as they occur.
  • Stick to the calculator. The purpose of the school expense calculator is to help guide one’s finances, adhere to the document to prevent from going over budget during the school year.

Download: School Expense Calculator

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