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Blank Lesson Plan Template

As any current of former special education instructor will stress, programs for special needs students are vastly different from the kinds of curriculum geared towards your average student.

Providing an ample education for special needs students requires both a collaborative effort from multiple educators, as well as a concrete form of planning. Every child brings to your class a unique set of strengths and challenges, and it’s your duty as an educator to gage those levels of variability in order to deliver the most effective academic agenda possible.

With the Special Education Lesson Plan Template, educators can effectively:

  • Brainstorm, track and map a thorough educational plan for their special needs students
  • Track individual student progress
  • Organize activities in a clear, easy-to-navigate format

The Benefits of Using the Special Education Lesson Plan Template for Your Classroom

Although most tend to categorize “Excel” as a tool for businesses and math-fanatics, the organizational abilities found within an Excel spreadsheet are perfect for academic planning.

And in the case with a special education class, finite, organized planning is crucial to the success of these innately unique kinds of children. Not only will educators need to track each student’s individual success, but they’ll also need to outline future needs and goals.

With the Special Education Lesson Plan Template for ExcelTemplates.com, that kind of organization can be completed with a few clicks of a mouse.

Tips for Organizing Your Special Education Classroom for Success


  • Always be sure to adhere to federal instructional standards when outlining goals for your special needs curriculum.
  • Children with special needs can be incredibly quick visual learners. Try organizing plans for visual and audible presentations with your Special Education Lesson Plan Template.
  • Lesson plans for special education classrooms tend to include an applied behavior analysis, or ABA. This will comprise of lessons that expand beyond the normal reading, writing and arithmetic curriculum, and can be easily outlined in your Special Education Lesson Plan Template with ExcelTemplates.com.


Download: Lesson Plan Template

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