School Detention Sheet

Free School Detention Sheet

Educators are well aware of the challenges that come with organizing and disciplining students throughout the academic year. Despite local and federal regulations that govern school principals and student handbooks, detention and time out punishment has typically been allowed in virtually every school. Teachers can use this correction tool to refocus children and encourage them to complete homework assignments, report to class on time, and behave respectfully toward others. A school detention sheet helps teachers and room monitors record which students attended detention and the amount of time they served.

About the Free School Detention Sheet

Teachers assigned to detention duty typically welcome anything that makes their life easier for the moment. A simple tool like a pre-formatted school detention sheet is an efficient way to organize when students sign in for detention. Teachers and room monitors can quickly track the time of arrival to avoid arguments about when specific students are allowed to leave the detention area.

The free school detention sheet even has a separate column for educators or room monitors to include their initials as approval and verification that each student served the appropriate amount of time in detention. This gem of a template can be further customized with a header to include the name of the school or detention area.

Downloading and printing is free and easy! Just a few clicks from this very page and the school detention can be put to good use.

Using the School Detention Sheet

The occasional detention is handed out to just about every student at least once by the time they finish their high school career. Talking in class, being disruptive, or being late to school may all be included in the list of infractions that can land a student in the detention area. Since not every offense is treated in the same manner, a school detention sheet comes in handy. When the sheet is properly completed, it can include pertinent information such as:

  • Date and Time of Detention
  • Name and Signature of Student
  • Name or Initial of Supervising Teacher
  • Length of Time Served in Detention

Download: School Detention Sheet

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