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Students know full well how quickly holiday breaks and weekends pass by, so in order to keep up with homework assignments, they definitely need all the help they can get. Parents and educators have spent countless hours trying to think of ways to remind their students about upcoming projects, reading assignments, and important dates. Unfortunately, these reminders often fall by the wayside and students forget about important items until the very last minute when something suddenly jogs their memory. A student calendar can be the one tool that holds all the pertinent information about every class for each student. It takes the stress off parents and educators who are trying to juggle many different items at once and allows students to learn the responsibility of maintaining their own academic progress.

About the Interactive Student Calendar

With just a few moments and a free download that is available from this very page, students can begin a new and organized way of life. A student calendar helps students keep track of multiple assignments plus other school activities like fundraisers, clubs, field trips, and much more. The template is fully interactive and can be customized to start each week with Monday to make scholastic activities much easier to organize. There are also many other ways that students and parents can utilize this free tool to make planning for school assignments less of a challenge. 

Tips for Using the Student Calendar

Because the student calendar is made to be the go-to guide for planning assignments and making the school year more manageable, specific features have been included to ensure it is easy to use.

  • Separate Tabs for Each Month
  • Weeks Can Start With Any Day
  • Page Headings Can Be Customized
  • Completed Assignments Are Bookmarked and Visible After Completion
  • Large Text Boxes Hold Loads of Information

Creative students find that the student calendar keeps them rolling from the first day to the last day of school. It downloads fast and can be customized quickly as well. Students spend just a few minutes each day updating information.

Download: Student Calendar

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