RtI Lesson Plan Template

Screenshot of the RtI Lesson Plan Template

Response to Intervention, or RtI, is an important element in school service delivery to students. When a school uses the Response to Intervention model, periodic testing is used to ensure that students have a positive response to interventions that the teacher selects. An RtI lesson plan template is a useful tool to ensure that all of the data tracking obligations are met.

For educators to succeed in this model of service delivery, a great deal of data must be maintained in an organized fashion. Testing dates, results, and changes to the selected intervention must all be tracked for future analysis and decision making purposes.

About the RtI Lesson Plan Template

One item to note in the RtI lesson plan template is the name and type of intervention used. When a teacher is required to give multiple interventions to multiple students, it is vital that the data recorded matches with the appropriate intervention. The data is useless if this does not happen.

For example, there are multiple types of interventions that a teacher could select for a student to improve their reading fluency. A raw score of 27 might mean a positive result for a specific intervention. On a different intervention that uses a different time frame for assessment, that same score would indicate a major problem.Screenshot of the RtI Lesson Plan Template

Another important piece of data to include in the RtI lesson plan template is the date of the test. Students change a great deal over the course of a school year. A score on a progress check in September means something completely different from that same score occurring in May. Since the goal of Response to Intervention is to indicate how a student responds to an intervention over time, the date is an extremely important piece of the data picture.

Since interventions in the RtI model are based on research and their proven impact on student learning in prior use, the fidelity and integrity of the intervention’s implementation is crucial to the process. Therefore, if any changes are needed when administering an intervention, those changes should also be marked on the template. This will allow the instructor to see if the implementation changes create a positive or negative impact on the student’s performance.

A final piece of information to include on the template is the intended outcome for the lesson. Otherwise known as the target skill, every lesson in the RtI model is designed to show improvement in a specific skill area. In the past, teachers could say that a lesson was designed to improve student reading. With the Response to Intervention model, a teacher must be much more specific with the intent of their lesson. This intent should also be denoted in the template.

The use of this template will allow the teacher to keep track of all the important factors that go into effective Response to Intervention planning. The finished product will contain all the information in one place that the teacher needs to make informed, data-driven decision about the education of their students in the RtI model.

Download: RtI Lesson Plan Template

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