Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template

Screenshot of the Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template

For some teachers, finding ways to maximize a student’s potential can be a never-ending quest. Finding the right tools to accomplish this goal can also feel much the same. A read aloud lesson plan template can help a teacher do what they truly love to do: Teach. The template is printable and be customized to your specific needs. It’s also instantly downloadable and available at absolutely no charge below.

Understanding the Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template

The top of the read aloud template is reserved for marking down the subject and the grade level. The body of the read aloud template is broken down into four major categories:Screenshot of the Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template

  • Objective
  • Before Reading
  • During Reading
  • After Reading


In the Objective section, the question “What will your students be able to do by the end of class?” is posed.  Beneath the objective is an area to answer the question. You will notice that this space for jotting down notes is repeated throughout the template.

Also included in the Objective section is an area to provide an overall assessment, as well as an area for five key points or ideas that you want to emphasize in your lesson. The numbers 1-5 are already preloaded into the template for you.

The next section is dedicated to the “Before Reading” stage. This section asks a series of questions, such as “What prior knowledge will you activate?” “Which vocabulary words will you pre-teach?” and “How will you engage students and capture their interest?” There is ample space in this section to answer all of the above questions and more.

The “During Reading” section is identical to the “Before Reading” section, but different questions are posed. “Where will you stop to think aloud about your strategy use?” “How will you include students in this process?” And “How will you clearly state and model behavior expectations?” are some of the questions you’ll find here.

The final section is designated for “After Reading”. Three final questions are asked and there again is plenty of room for notes. There is no limit to the amount of times you can print or download this template, so it can be used for as many classes or students as you need.

Download: Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template

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