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Free Daily Lesson Planner

The Daily Lesson Planner is an easy-to-use educational resource designed to assist teachers to easily organize their daily curriculum. The simple, easy to read design assists teachers to plan their days and remain organized. This single page organizational tool breaks down the aspects of a comprehensive lesson into easily viewed categories, available to the educator at a glance. It is a free downloadable page and customizable to suit your individual needs.

Using the Daily Lesson Planner

The template is an easy to use one page document. The Daily Lesson Planner is available on this page as a free download. The planner is customizable. Teachers can alter the content to adapt their lessons to fit the format used by individual departments or schools. The daily lesson planner template is easy to complete. Many of the sections are divided into teacher guide and student guide sections so that teachers can plan each element of the lesson plan and document their expectations for the students. Here are the sections included in the daily lesson planner:

  • The Overview section provides space to describe the topic of the lesson and how the teacher will present it.
  • Objectives – Teachers can describe what the students should know by the end of the lesson. Can be used document the district of state standards taught in the lesson.
  • Information – Details what knowledge the teacher is presenting.
  • Verification – A description of each assessment the teacher is planning to use to determine if the students learned the objectives.
  • Activity – Describes the activities that the class will engage in, how the teacher presents the information to the students, and what the students are expected to do.
  • Summary – Describes how the teacher plans to review the important information from the objective and reteach if necessary.
  • Requirements – Lists what educational resources are required for this lesson and what pre-knowledge the students must possess to be successful.
  • Resources – Lists the supplies and equipment that the teacher will require to successfully present the material.
  • Notes – The form provides this space for a teacher’s personal thoughts about the lesson; what worked and what needs improvement.


This easy to downloadable and customizable form can help teachers plan, well thought out, organized and effective lessons. Download the Daily Lesson Planner today.

Download: Daily Lesson Planner

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