Gradebook for Teachers

Microsoft Gradebook for Teachers

It is well known that teachers are a habitually dedicated and overworked group of professionals. Teaching is a labor of love and educators prove it time and again throughout their careers. They bring their work home with them and spend long hours in the evenings and weekends doing activities like lesson planning, grading, and tailoring activities to the particular needs of the unique students in each class they teach. The last thing a teacher needs is to spend hours of their limited time on administrative busy work. We are here to help! Teachers everywhere can take advantage of the free Gradebook for Teachers template downloadable directly from our website.

How to Use the Gradebook for Teachers

  • The Gradebook for Teachers template is available for free from our site! Just click and download.
  • The grade book template can easily be customized to suit the unique needs of your classroom.
  • The template is designed to be easy to use! You don’t need to be an Excel wizard to take full advantage.

Tips for Using the Gradebook for Teachers

The grade book template comes with features designed to improve the experience of teachers that take advantage of it. Here are a few of those features and some suggestions on how to use them: 

  • Rows are set to alternate text colors to help you remain oriented when looking at your data. Otherwise, narrow rows and monochromatic text can easily lead to confusion.
  • Visual clarity is a major asset! We recommend that you play around with other ways to use color, font and layout to make your grade book even easier to navigate.
  • The template is calibrated to calculate class averages as you go. You can also set it up to calculate individual students’ average grades across various subjects.
  • It will help to enter your grades as soon as you have them. Of course, this will save you hassle and make data entry feel like less of a chore. And it will help you keep track of students’ progress and let you know if anyone is falling behind or in need of special attention.

Download: Gradebook for Teachers

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