2012-2013 Academic Calendar Template

2012 and 2013 Academic Calendar Template

Students have a lot of things that they need to keep track of. They have different classes and assignments due on all different days. There are also grades to keep record of. For some students, this is a lot information to keep track of. There is an Excel template to help keep everything straight. The 2012-2013 academic calendar template will keep track of all important school dates, including due dates.

Benefits of Using the 2012-2013 Academic Calendar Template2012 and 2013 Academic Calendar Template

There are so many benefits to using this Excel template. A student is able to keep track of their class schedule. They are able to change the times of the class and the subjects they are taking by marking period or semester. This is good if a student has several different classes. For college students, it can help them keep track of what classes they have on what days. This calendar will allow a student to type in the major assignments they have due and their due date. It can also be used to keep track of a daily homework schedule.

Uses for the 2012-2013 Academic Calendar Template

In addition of keeping track of a class schedule, a student can use this template to keep track of their grades. There are functions on Excel that will calculate their grade point average after every new grade is added. This is important for those that have to keep a certain grade or want to be near the top of their class.

The template can be kept on the computer or printed out for an easy reference. Since the template is in Excel, it can be completely customized and easily updated every time the students gets an assignment back or needs to add more class information. This program can help a student stay organized and motivated to do their best. The template is just one of the dozens of complimentary templates, calculators, spreadsheets and other helpful tools available on this site.

Download: Free 2012-2013 Academic Calendar Template

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