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Give students a jump start on the semester by handing out a detailed course syllabus on the first day of class. Providing a syllabus not only gives students an opportunity to review the course description and objectives, it also allows them to see in advance what types of books and materials will be required throughout the semester. In addition, a syllabus with instructor information makes a perfect contact sheet that can be easily and neatly stored in a student’s folder or notebook. Get the semester off to the right start by downloading the free course syllabus template from this page today.

Benefits of Using the Course Syllabus Template

  • The template is available for download directly from this page and is completely free making it both convenient and economical.
  • It is both fast and easy to use.
  • The template is also customizable allowing all the instructor and coursework details to be personalized for each separate class.
  • It can be printed as soon as it is complete so that it can be handed out immediately.
  • The template provides a space for the course name and number at the top of the form.
  • It contains fields for all of the instructor contact information including name, office location, office hours, phone number and email address.
  • It also has spaces for course information including description, required texts, goals, project and assignment requirements, special resources and performance evaluation criteria.
  • In addition, the form includes an area where the course and examination schedules can be detailed and includes a place for the week date or number, the topic and any required reading.


How to Use the Course Syllabus Template

  • Download the syllabus template for free from this page.
  • Save to the computer.
  • Customize the template by first adding the name and number of the course.
  • Continue customization by filling out the fields for the instructor contact information.
  • Next, personalize the course details by adding the description, textbook requirements, goals and any special assignments, projects, evaluations or resources that will be needed.
  • Complete customization by filling out the course and examination schedules.
  • Before printing, check all fields to ensure that spelling, grammar and contact information is correct.
  • Print the syllabus and hand out.
  • For added protection and organization, the template can be placed in a clear page protector before being stored in a notebook or binder.


By using the course syllabus template, students are given the class details and information they require to start their semester off right.

Download: Course Syllabus

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