Teacher Syllabus Template

Free Teacher Syllabus Template

If you are a teacher and need to make up a new syllabus, this teacher syllabus template is a great choice to save some time. It is available here for free to download and you can use it any way you want it. You will quickly and easily have your new syllabus ready for class. Here is some instructions on using this template and a couple of tips as well.

How to Use the Teacher Syllabus Template

After downloading the file that is available here, open it up. It will be executed in software that can open files form Microsoft Word 2013. The general outline of your syllabus is now shown. The first thing you can do is change the [Course Name] to the name of the course in which you are teaching. Under that you can replace [Semester and Year] with the semester and year that you are writing the syllabus for. Below that is space to provide information about yourself.

Your name can be put where [Instructor Name] is, your e-mail address can be put where [Email address] is, and finally, your office hours can be put where the document states [Location, Hours, Days]. In the course materials section you can put what additional things may be needed for your class. Optional materials can contain information regarded what the students could use in your class but is not mandatory to purchase.

The required text section leaves room to put what books you will be using in the class. The course schedule and the exam schedule can contain all the information students need to know about each. At the very bottom, the teacher syllabus template leaves an area to put any additional information you feel you need to cover.

Tips for Using the Teacher Syllabus Template

Since your students will be using this syllabus all year and come back to it again and again for information, you should print your teacher syllabus template on brightly colored paper to make it highly visible in a stack of important papers. You could even add a couple pictures to the document to give the students something to look at while you explain everything about your class. Make it interesting to get the attention of your students on the first day.

The teacher syllabus template is a great start to a fully functional syllabus. Download it here for free and use it any way you want. It is easy to use and can be customized to work with any class that you teach.

Download: Teacher Syllabus Template

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