Behavior Reward Chart

screenshot of the behavior reward chart

Monitoring the behavior of all the students in a classroom can be a challenge. Fortunately, Excel provides an easy template for tracking behavioral rewards. Documentation and data tracking can be frustrating and time consuming when robbing teachers of valuable time. With the Excel behavior reward chart template, all that has to be done is to fill in the fields.

Teachers everywhere will love that the template can be downloaded instantly for free.

Using the Behavior Reward Chart

Before Creating Your Reward Chart, Consider the Following:

  • Are you tracking rewards for one student or an entire class?
  • What behavior or behaviors will be rewarded?
  • What is the schedule of rewards?


The reward chart available here is very basic but also very effective. It has slots for the names of all the students in your classroom. Simply list all the students in whichever order is easiest for you. All five days of the school week make up the next five columns. Here, you can track the daily behavior of each student.screenshot of the behavior reward chart

The next column is reserved to note the overall/cumulative behavior of the student for the entire week. The next space is reserved for the reward. This column can be filled in prior to the start of the week, or can be left blank so the student is left in a bit of suspense. Finally, you will mark whether or not the student received the reward in the final column. Whether you save these to your computer or print off sheets, you can have a running file of the students’ behavior throughout the entire school year.

The Excel template affords teachers an easy tool for generating the required documentation to meet the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) components of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The template allows for the charting of multiple behaviors, documentation of classroom management strategies implemented before the denial of a scheduled reward, documentation of rewards given, what type of reward and the dates and/or periods the reward was administered. The Excel template also allows for easy manipulation. Teachers can quickly add any extra information they wish. Such behavioral tracking charts are motivational for some students.

Download: Behavior Reward Chart

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